Subaru Forester XT Silver Wolf

It was Wednesday February 22 2017. The Subaru Forester XT, was for sale at a local dealer. When I first found the Forester, I couldn’t believe it. The car was untouched, completely stock, and I instantly wanted it. How could I not? It’s a very rare find in Florida, as those cars are mostly used in snowy roads in northern states, and demand is getting high — Subaru vehicles have been getting popular in recent years. At a bargain price of $7,000 it had to come home with me. Luckily, I managed to convince my family to help me purchase the XT. After negotiation with the salesman, we signed the papers and I was on my way home with the Forester. The feeling of the turbocharged engine and the rumbling sound, you would have to own a Subaru to know what it is like. Also the symmetrical all wheel drive system makes you feel you hug the road, or any terrain you may encounter. When I first bought this vehicle I didn’t know much about the car, only the part that it is rare and that it has a horizontal flat four cylinder engine. The first week of owning the Forester, the clutch decided to go bad on it. So I replace the clutch using a competition clutch. The vehicle had a clutch replacement prior to me owning the vehicle, but the previous owner had used a cheap low quality clutch. Once the clutch was replaced the Forester was back on the road attending many local meets here in South Florida. Its been more than three years sense I got the Forester. Right now I am in the process of rebuilding the engine, every part in the engine is OEM brand new, from bolts to sensors to block, heads zero miles. I want to enjoy the Forester for years to come. Future plans is to cross country with it, get lost in the mountains, or desert.

About Gabriel Carroll

I am Gabriel Carroll President and CEO of Perform Tech Auto Repair, better known as PTAR. I graduated from AATI school in Hialeah. PTAR has been established sense 2013. I love what I do, working on cars is my passion, getting my hands greasy. I am a grease monkey! My favorite vehicle is my 2007 Subaru Forester XT. Always looking for new thrills in life.

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